The Cedarsong Way Teacher Training Documentation Form

You will use this form to document your participation throughout the training.

In the teacher training, the documentation will be a little different than in the Foundations training because we want you to work together as a cohort, get to know each other a bit, learn from each other’s experience, insights and questions.

In the Teacher Training, most of your documentation will be on this google doc. You will see a box for each of the sections, with your name written in one of the slots. Every time you complete a video or book reading, or an experiential activity, you will document your work in the space provided. You will be able to see the responses of everyone else in your cohort.

Please write your own responses, based on your own work, but feel free to learn from each other and even to address other’s comments in your own as appropriate. We want this to feel interactive and connecting.

You will use the form below for each of  your three individual mentorship sessions.  Each of three mentorship sessions should be scheduled with a different mentor and scheduled more or less after section 1, after section 2 and before closing.

Here is a list of our wonderful mentors!

You can fill in the form below as you go.

As you complete each mentorship session and related documentation, scroll to the bottom of the form and hit the “save and continue later button” when you have finished. You will be sent a link to use to continue with the form at your convenience. You will use this link to open the form again and begin where you left off.

Please make sure to also save your work in a document on your own computer just in case of any computer glitches!

You have two additional zoom sessions that you must attend. The dates of these sessions are:

Explorations call: Saturday, May 7

Closing call: Saturday, June 25

The calls are always at 8 – 10 am, PT, 10 – 12 am CT, 11- 1 am ET

When you have completed the course, you will go to this page to submit your professional use agreement.

Have fun!

First mentorship session

Sessions should be limited to one hour and are a good way to practice timing and boundaries with other adults which can sometimes be difficult when working with families. Please document your start and end time to exercise this skill.
(Remember, you can simply jot down notes here. You do not need to respond in full.)

Second mentorship session

(Remember, you can simply jot down notes here. You do not need to respond in full.)

Third mentorship session

(Remember, you can simply jot down notes here. You do not need to respond in full.)