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How to get trained in our internationally acclaimed Nature Pedagogy


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The Cedarsong Way® Nature Pedagogy, developed by Erin Kenny and Robin Rogers over the past decade, is distinguished by  commitment to place-based nature immersion, authentic play, child-driven flow learning, child-inspired emergent curriculum, compassion scaffolding, inquiry-based teaching style and documentation of the learning.

This method encourages children’s love of nature resulting in a deep understanding and superior retention of natural science principles, while promoting advanced social skills, teamwork and cooperation, and a high level of emotional intelligence. The Cedarsong Way can be applied to any nature program with any age group.

Onsite Training

Attend one of our 5-day Residential Trainings on location at one of the Cedarsong Way® Accredited Schools.

Host our Team

Work with the Cedarsong Staff to customize a five day training to be hosted onsite at your location.

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