The Cedarsong Mission & Board of Directors

Our Mission

The mission of The Cedarsong Way® is to honor Erin Kenny’s legacy by maintaining the integrity of her message, as well as ensuring continuity and a high standard of quality at all Teacher Trainings and Accredited Cedarsong Way schools. Engaging with educators of all kinds – administrators, teachers, parents, and other caregivers – we empower others to provide access and opportunities for direct experience with nature through The  Cedarsong Way® Nature Pedagogy, which increases awareness of and connection to the natural world in order to foster compassion and empathy for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Molly Lannon Kenny, Chair

Molly Lannon Kenny, an autism specialist, is Erin’s sister and the developer and visionary of her own therapy model, Integrated Movement Therapy – a holistic, empirically sound movement based model that provides measurable outcomes while emphasizing original divinity and wholeness. She has served on several boards, including acting as Vice President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and conference coordinator for the Yoga Service Council. Molly holds a Master’s degree in Speech-language pathology from the University of Washington and has published extensively on the topics of therapy, education, yoga and self-development and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Theology.

Emily Bryce, Board Member

Emily Bryce is a pediatric occupational therapist and Cedarsong Way trained teacher who believes that our bodies, minds, and spirits need the outdoors to thrive. She specializes in Autism, SPD, ADHD, and anxiety, as well as sensory development/integration. She has her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Stanbridge University and is pursuing her certification in Ayres Sensory Integration. Emily is passionate about holistic, environmental-based treatment and prevention for children/families and is an avid learner with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Nicole Majewski, Board Member 

Nicole is a mother of 3 young boys and resides with her family in a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. An active participant in her local alternative educational community. She is passionate about nature based and interest led learning in early childhood, holistic health for families and alternate lifestyle choices for communities. She currently serves as Director of Education for Entreamigos Foundation in Nayarit, Mexico and hosts story circles and creative workshops for kids and adults in her community. 

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