Teaching The Cedarsong Way: Lessons from an Award-Winning Forest Kindergarten


In “Teaching The Cedarsong Way: Lessons from an award-winning Forest Kindergarten”, Erin Kenny and Cedarsong co-founder Robin Rogers share the experiential, sensory-rich, child-led, free-flow, place-based education model that they have developed over the years, based on the original German Waldkindergarten principles and their own experience. The book is equal parts guide to the fundamental Cedarsong philosophy and practical handbook for nature-based preschools and educators.

Peppered with astute observations and real-life examples, Teaching The Cedarsong Way offers a unique behind-the-scenes peak into the program and explains how the teachers gently foster children to become good leaders, encourage imaginative play and deal with problem behaviors in the outdoors. The book challenges the prevailing preschool model with its intense focus on academics and lack of opportunities to build social and emotional skills, arguing instead that nature has everything a young child needs to learn and thrive. Insightful and wise, Teaching The Cedarsong Way will be a great resource for educators, parents and other caregivers to lean on as the interest in forest schools and other forms of outdoor learning continues to grow in North America.

Linda Åkeson McGurk, author of “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather”


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