Meet The Cedarsong Way Foundations Training Mentors

When you are ready for your one on one hour of mentorship, please contact one of the mentors below to schedule your mentorship session. Mentors will respond within 48 hours to schedule. You will then pay the mentor directly prior to your session, and note payment date and method on your documentation form. 

Robin Rogers

Robin Rogers is a current co-chair of The Cedarsong Way. She collaborated with Erin Kenny in designing, implementing and teaching in the forest kindergarten during the formative years of Cedarsong Nature School.  She is the co-author of two Cedarsong Way books and of the Teacher Training on-site and online courses.


Her passion as a nature immersion specialist has her collaborating with various organizations interested in implementing deeper nature connections into their programs. These days she adventures weekly in an outdoor Nature Club with children aged 6-12. Robin is a lifelong alternative learner of the arts, education, health, and healing. She is the parent of 3 now grown free range children. She is known to be a good listener and is looking forward to connecting on one on one calls. Robin can be reached via email here.

Nicole Corbo


Nicole Corbo has spent the last three decades educating learners of every age in nature. She believes all learners need and deserve time in nature, and she loves sharing her own awe, wonder, and curiosity with early learners especially. Although she began teaching early learners in a traditional setting, Nicole entered the Nature Preschool field by way of Cedarsong Nature School. Erin Kenny inspired Nicole as her mentor and dear friend. They taught (and played) in nature together. Nicole also supported Erin in running her Cedarsong Way Teacher Training programs for educators, administrators, parents and caregivers from all over the world. As a Cedarsong Way Certified Trainer, Nicole continues to lead training programs around the country, and now offers support as a mentor online! Nicole believes that in nature, we find everything we need, and she is excited to help you see how that is possible through The Cedarsong Way. Contact Nicole here. 

Emily Bryce


Emily Bryce is a pediatric occupational therapist and Cedarsong Way trained teacher and board member who believes that our bodies, minds, and spirits need the outdoors to thrive. She specializes in neurodiverse learners in nature, sensory development/integration, storytelling, art in nature, forest theater, and child development. She currently mentors fellow OTs in outdoor and sensory-based practice and sits as the Community Building co-chair and Treasurer for the American Forest Kindergarten Association board where she helps connect and problem solve with forest schools across the country.  She is based in Western Washington and can be reached via email here. 

Nicole Majewski


Nicole is a mother of 3 young boys and resides with her family in a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. An active participant in her local alternative educational community, she is passionate about nature based and interest led learning in early childhood, holistic health for families and alternate lifestyle choices for people. She currently serves as Director of Education for Entreamigos Foundation in Nayarit, Mexico and a founding member of their micro-school in the jungle. She also hosts story circles and creative workshops for kids and adults in her community. Nicole is a big believer in messy and risky play and cultivating curiosity and creativity in children. Please connect with Nicole through her email here

Molly Lannon Kenny


Molly Lannon Kenny is co-chair of The Cedarsong Way board and Erin Kenny’s sister. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist and a sought after autism specialist. She left her clinical position at a major hospital in 1999 to develop her own therapy method, Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT), which combined her clinical expertise with her love of movement, yoga and spiritual practice. She subsequently developed trainings in IMT and has traveled all of the world teaching clinicians, educators and yoga teachers to work more effectively, naturally and joyfully with people with special needs. She is passionate about inclusion, as well as earth stewardship. She lives in coastal Mexico and is delighted to offer her knowledge and experience as a Cedarsong Mentor. She may be contacted directly via email.