How does the course work?

Our Cedarsong Way nature therapy track is an 50 hour online course offered twice a year that includes self-directed work, three general group zoom calls, and four group intensives with our teachers.

The course begins with a group zoom call in which you are oriented to the process and introduced to the teachers and your fellow students. You will also be given specific dates and deadlines to prepare for group intensives with individual teachers. 

Following the initial group call, you will watch and respond to two foundational videos sessions:

1. Integrated Movement Therapy Basics

2. Therapy vs. Therapeutic

First all group meeting with Molly. Please make sure you have watched the video sessions,  and prepared the associated homework.


Following Molly’s session, you will watch two video sessions with Emily Bryce, Occupational Therapist and Cedarsong Way teacher, and complete associated work.

1. Neurodiversity

2. Outdoor OT fundamentals

Group meeting with Emily. Please make sure you have watched the video sessions and prepared associated homework. 

The next two video sessions are with Nicole Majewski, child educator, school curriculum developer, and parent, and Nicole Corbo, ………

1. Best practices for kids with physical differences 

 2. Talking to parents/other professionals 

Third all group meeting, led by Nicole. Please make sure you have watched the video sessions and prepared associated homework. 

Second all group zoom call. In this call, students will have a chance to check in with all of the teachers and students to connect, ask questions, review work, and plan for the rest of the course. 

Following the all group call, there will be three new video sessions and associated work.


  1. Language Development and considerations (Molly) 
  2. Autism Spectrum disorders (we would like to find someone who is in our network – meaning one of our TT graduates – to expand their connection to Cedarsong, although both Molly and Emily could do this one) 
  3. Behavioral challenges (same as above)


Group meeting with Molly


Then 2 videos and associated work

  1. Writing goals and objectives (Molly)
  2. Promotion 


Final group zoom call