The Cedarsong Way recognizes that low income communities, and especially communities of color, tend to have less access to outdoor education and nature immersion opportunities. Those same communities, often experiencing systematic trauma and oppression, are arguably who would most benefit from the experiences that Outdoor Education programs provide.



The Cedarsong Way,  as a leader in the field, is committed to advocating for equitable access to nature immersion opportunities for communities of color and supporting diversity within the forest school/outdoor education movement.

We have been deeply grateful for our longtime partnership with Bogs Boots in our shared commitment to equitable access. We have been honored by their ongoing engagement and support of Cedarsong Nature School and The Cedarsong Way – there is even a “Cedarsong” Bogs boots design!


This season, thanks once again to Bogs, we currently have $2000USD in grant funds to be used to support racial equity through teacher scholarships, student scholarships, building visibility, and educational materials.  Our grantees from  2021 and 2022 have all been thrilled with their Bogs experiences and we look forward to sharing the opportunity with more!
This round is our winter 2023 grant with a February 15 deadline and we hope to have funds distributed by March 5. 
Bogs has also given us physical boots to distribute to schools and programs. These boots are intended specifically for children of color who otherwise would not have the financial ability to pay for the “appropriate clothing choices” that is a cornerstone of The Cedarsong Way.

You can apply for funds and/or boots. You don’t have to choose the Cedarsong design, but it sure is beautiful!