Cedarsong Way Therapy Track Beta


We have been working for a long time on a new course that will focus on helping Forest School teachers that are interested in providing a greater level of support to kids with developmental challenges.

We know many of you have kids in your program who could use a little extra support, and some who are are actively offering what you might call Nature Therapy.

This course is intended to:

1. Help educators understand the difference between something that is "therapy" and something that is "therapeutic."
2. Provide a specific framework for thinking about "therapy" and how to apply it in the context of Forest School programs
3. Understand the usage of the term "Nature Therapy" and how learning about nature therapy can enhance the experience of the teacher and student
4. Offer clear explanations and practice in goal setting, documentation and promotion when using the term "therapy" with their students and communities
5. Provide information and practice opportunities for working with sensory issues, physical differences, language based learning challenges, behavioral challenges and more
6. Create community and mentorship opportunities for skill building