Response to the Corona virus crisis


                  Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. ~ John Muir

Beloved Cedarsong Community. We hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and adapting as much as you can to this quickly changing situation we find ourselves in together. It is a hard time to know what to do, how to plan, how to ground, and how to continue to access the inherent healing and wisdom of the earth when we need it the most. 

We wanted to let you know the ways in which The Cedarsong Way board hopes to support and cultivate our community in this crisis. 

First, we have canceled all of our up-coming residential trainings through August. As of this moment, we plan to hold a September training and will be able to give you more details and dates in July so you have plenty of time to plan, should we find that our world has gotten back to some semblance of safety, routine, and predictability. We know that we will be needing our return to the natural world more than ever and are as hopeful as all of you are for that eventuality. 

Second, we will be putting out a series of social media posts, newsletters, and “Cedarsong conversations” via Zoom that are intended to keep us connected, inspired, and creative as we move through this crisis together. We hope that these regular posts and community forums will be a way for our Cedarsong family to strengthen our roots, blossom our creativity, and allow for the seeds of our shared love of the natural world flower – the natural world reminding us to keep our heads up, that this season will pass, yielding something fresh and new and vital.

Third, we will be working on several remote modules that support the residential training. In this way, we can dive in to the pedagogy, the values, the background, and the future of The Cedarsong Way, so that when we have that glorious moment to breathe in the fresh outdoor air together, we will have an even greater foundation on which to build our understanding and experience of the Cedarsong Way.

Please keep an eye out for detailed posts and updates through our newsletter, website, and social media.